The Beagles Have Landed!

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Here you can find news, current reports and highlights in all aspects of the 4DIAC initiative.

The Beagles Have Landed!

Just finished preparing the BeagleBone Black traffic lights for our talk together with Eclipse SCADA and eTrice at EclipseCon Eruope on Industrial-grade IoT with Eclipse Projects.

If you want to play more with them visit us at th...

[more] Monday 20. of October 2014
5th 4DIAC Users' Workshop @ IEEE ETFA 2014

In the last years the 4DIAC users' workshop has become an integral part of the ETFA conference. Also this year in its 5th edition we could attract six very interesting presentations. The presentations on the one hand targeted infrastructure enhancements and on the other hand communication aspects. In the session questions and issues regarding 4DIAC were discussed in an open round.
The intense discussions after the session, during the lunch break, and especially during the afternoon session...

[more] Friday 17. of October 2014
Integrating 4DIAC with Eclipse SCADA

Two Eclipse IoT projects are working together to demonstrate another step towards a complete open source industrial control ecosystem. The integration example contains a visualization of a simulated tank system with automatic fill level control, where the control algorithm is implemented using 4DIAC and Eclipse SCADA displays the operator screen.

[more] Monday 13. of October 2014
4DIAC Release 1.6.0

We are proud to announce the new major release of 4DIAC V1.6.0. As always, this release is a combined release of all current 4DIAC projects: 4DIAC-IDE, 4DIAC-LIB, FORTE, and 4DIAC-Systems. The main improvements for 1.6.0 are:

  • 4DIAC-IDE: integrated Help Contents, extended Subapplication support and UI cleanup for FB type editor
  • FORTE: Support of MQTT and New Platforms as Raspberry PI, Beagle Bone Black
  • 4DIAC-LIB: Common I/O Function Blocks as IX and QX and Array ha...
[more] Wednesday 01. of October 2014

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