First Maintenance Release for 4DIAC 1.7

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First Maintenance Release for 4DIAC 1.7


We are proud to announce the first maintenance release for 4DIAC 1.7 providing a set of bug fixes to 4DIAC-IDE (9), and FORTE (2).

  • Fix issue that comments are not visualized on MacOS on TypeEditor
  • renamed config.h to forte_config.h to aviod name clashes with other libraries
  • [issues:#997] Edit/Save Time Error
  • <l...
[more] Thursday 07. of May 2015
Eclipse SCADA visualising a process automated with 4DIAC: Download the demo!

Back in October, we said that we were creating an example for 4DIAC and Eclipse SCADA working together. This demo is now ready for download - and to make it worth the wait, it comes complete with a detailed step-by-step guide showing how to get it up and running yourself!

The demo brings together Eclipse SCADA for the operator screen, 4DIAC for the controller, and the FBDK runtime for simulating the process. 4DIAC ...

[more] Wednesday 22. of April 2015
Call for Presentations for the 6th 4DIAC Users' Workshop

It is a great pleasure for us to announce that the 4DIAC Users' Workshop will be held again in conjunction with the IEEE ETFA conference, Luxembourg.
Similar to last years the 4DIAC Users' Workshop intends to be an opportunity to present your work and projects related to 4DIAC as well as exchange ideas and discuss the near future planned enhancements of the open source initiative with the development team. In addition to presentations this year’s worksh...

[more] Wednesday 22. of April 2015
4DIAC Tutorial Videos

We proudly present our first set of tutorial videos. They cover the topics on what is IEC 61499, how to install 4DIAC, how to create a 4DIAC project, Basic Function Blocks and how to export and create/compile a running FORTE with custom FBs!
Please note that the videos are in German, so any support on translating them is welcomed and supported!
The 4DIAC Team

[more] Monday 20. of April 2015

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