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Here you can find news, current reports and highlights in all aspects of the 4DIAC initiative.

Beta Testers Needed

with the commit in cset [fordiac-ide:0bfdea] finally a first usable version with the new support for subapplication types is available. In order to get this feature implemented we needed to rework quite a big bunch of the core infrastructure in 4DIAC-IDE. This refactoring had effects on all FB Network editors. These are the application editor, the composite FB editor and the new subapptype ...

[more] Monday 18. of August 2014
4DIAC Users' Workshop: 16 September, Barcelona

This year's 4DIAC users' workshop is just 5 weeks away. Do not miss the opportunity to

  • hear experience reports from 4DIAC users,
  • learn to use 4DIAC, and/or
  • meet the people behind 4DIAC!

The detailed workshop programme can be found here:

The workshop is held in conjunction with the IEEE ETFA conference. Details on the venue and registration information can be found on th...

[more] Tuesday 12. of August 2014
Decommissioning of 4DIAC-Wiki

As already announced some time back sourceForge finally has fully decommissioned the wiki service we were using.

[more] Wednesday 30. of July 2014
New Book on IEC 61499 Available

After 14 years the famous IEC 61499 Book from Robert Lewis “Modelling control systems using IEC 61499” got a make over. The 2nd edition is now available at:

Apart from updating the content to the 2nd edition of the IEC 61499 standard – released last year – also the order how IEC 61499 are introduced and how they are connected with each other has been reworked w...

[more] Wednesday 18. of June 2014

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