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4DIAC   Contributing  

Contributing to and Supporting the 4DIAC Open Source Initiative

If you are willing to help 4DIAC, there multiple ways to contribute and support.

Bug Wrangling and Testing

  • Find and report bugs. This is a critical need for ensuring the quality of 4DIAC.
  • Submit ideas for improvement via 4DIAc's issue tracker.
  • Review and verify reported bugs. Sometimes there is not enough info attached to a bug report or it is hard to reproduce. Trying to reproduce a bug and extending the description is of great value.
  • Rate Bugs, feature requests, and ideas. This helps that we can focus our limited resources on the most important elements first.

Documentation, Marketing, and Supporting new Users

  • Improve and extend the existing documentation in the 4DIAC Wiki
  • Write new tutorials for the 4DIAC Wiki
  • Support the Forums: Answer questions in the different forums
  • Spread the word: link to 4DIAC, use 4DIAC logo on your web page, write articles, blog entries, etc.

IEC 61499 Development

  • Extend and improve FB library. Having a large set of FBs increases the usability of 4DIAC for developing control solutions.


If you are a developer feel free to grab the code and start hacking. You can submit your patch any time when you are ready.

  • For ideas where to start your effort have a look at the bugs and features submitted to the 4DIAC's issue tracker.
  • For getting started feel free to ask questions in the Developers forum.