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4DIAC-IDE: IEC 61499 compliant Engineering Environment

The 4DIAC-IDE provides an extensible engineering environment for modelling distributed control applications with IEC 61499. A hardware capability definition allows the modelling of control hardware and its interconnections through networks. The modelled applications can be downloaded to distributed field device according the means defined by the IEC 61499 standard. The basis of the 4DIAC-IDE is the Eclipse framework. This allows that other plug-ins can easily be applied to the 4DIAC-IDE providing new or extended functionality.

Current Version

The latest version can be downloaded from here. 4DIAC-IDE is provided under the Eclipse Public License (EPL).

4DIAC-IDE Features

  • Application Editor
    • Modelling of IEC 61499 Function Block Networks (FBN)
  • Hardware Editor
    • Specification and parameterization of automation hardware
    • Modelling of IEC 61499 Devices
  • Distribution/Mapping Editor
    • Modelling of IEC 61499 Resources
    • Mapping of FBNs to Device/Resources
  • Type Editor
    • Generation of BasicFBs, Composite FBs, and Service Interface FBs, and Adapter FBs
  • Application Download
    • Selective download of FBNs to Devices/Resources
  • Monitoring and Debugging Functionalities
    • Watch Interface Elements
    • Trigger Events
    • Force Values
    • Breakpoints
  • Function Block Tester
    • Test FBs on their behavior
4DIAC-IDE: prototypic engineering environment for distributed control systems